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Revalidation of Pipelines

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Revalidation of Pipelines (RBI & FFS assessment)

Pipelines are most commonly used to transport some form of product; liquid, gas or both between a set distance and follow a simple or complex route. It is also true that pipelines are exposed to some of the worst environmental conditions, as well as the possibility of damage through military and terrorist activities. Most pipelines, however, tend to operate in less hostile conditions. It goes without saying that over the expected life of a pipeline, due to changes in operating philosophies and expansions of production plants, instances will occur where the duty (pressure, temperature and product) of the line will change from original design. In most cases, re-rating of existing lines makes the most business sense, however, this requires that various criteria be evaluated to ensure the integrity of the line. In order to maximize and to ensure productivity, reliability and safety, Sievert is doing Re-Validation of Pipelines by using combination of various NDT methods.

Careful selection of suitable NDE techniques is required for specific damage mechanisms:
  •  Eddy current testing  
  •  Thermography 
  •  Ultrasonic testing
  •  Long range ultrasonic testing (LRUT)
  •  Visual inspection 
  •  Replication  Measurement
  •  Intelligent Pigging (IP)
  • Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing (PAUT)
  • Time of Flight Diffraction UT (TOFD)
  • EMAT - UT
  • Liquid penetrant testing 
  •  Magnetic particle inspection 
  •  Mechanical testing (hardness)
  •  Radiography 
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