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QHSE Objectives & Targets

Oil & Gas Industries
Objectives How we achieve Measure of Success
To promote Safety Culture in the organization By introducing a safety year program of training, awareness, mentoring. Training and awareness resulted with less number of incidents.
To implement a safe secure driving culture By deploying driving safety program across the group. Minimized the accidents, collision related costs.
To provide international standards in Radiation Safety compliance By implementing radiation safety measures with advisory expertise. Reduced the radiation related non compliances.
To protect environment, Natural resources & Energy Awareness to the workforce and compliance to waste management Continual improvement and training minimized the EMS related costs.
To identify and reward the best employee for safety performance By training ,assessments and evaluation criteria Reward scheme implemented Proposed safety day on 26-January 2013
To strive for continual improvement in QHSE Performance By coaching, mentoring and achieving competency Reduced the safety noncompliance costs.

  • Safe Working Man-Hours - 100 million
  • No Road and Traffic Accidents
  • No Radiation Incidents
  • No Fire Accidents
  • No Environmental Damage Incidents
  • Reduce the Occupational Illness to 10%
Sievert Group of Companies