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Oil & Gas Industries

Compliance with international standards, performance of your assets, attention to the needs of the communities where you operate, whatever your level of involvement in the power and utilities industries, you know that it is essential to have appropriate quality, health and safety and environmental practices in place and make your personnel aware of them.

This is even more acute as the need for electrical power as well as for efficient water supply and waste management facilities increases throughout the world, and more investments are being made in these areas.


SIEVERT provides the following support to get compliant and to reduce your risks as far as quality, health & safety and environmental issues are concerned.


We carry out shop inspection of your equipment procurement and site inspections of power utilities, using our international network.


Our fully equipped laboratories and non-destructive testing experts provide a comprehensive range of services to meet clients' specifications or local regulations. They perform construction material testing, non-destructive testing, destructive testing, environmental analyses and many others.

Technical Staffing

Large teams of inspectors, technicians and engineers are proposed to reinforce client resources under their management.

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