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Lifting / Crane Equipments

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Day to Day Problems:

Deaths and injuries in the workplace are still a continuing problem in every industrialized nation. To ensure safer conditions for workers who are in contact with high risk equipment demands strict controls. Installations need to be checked regularly. Indeed, it is the only way to ensure that installations comply with regulations, thus minimizing risk.

What is Lifting Equipment Inspection?

Lifting Equipment inspection involves a series of tests performed on load-handling devices such as cranes, travelling cranes, derricks, forklifts, shackles and hooks. Using competent Inspectors, SIEVERT plans lifting operations to ensure that the lifting equipment is suitable for the tasks it has to perform; to ensure that the lifting operation will not endanger people nearby; and to assess inspection requirements for the lifting equipment and accessories. Regular thorough examinations of all equipment are carried out by qualified technicians.

What are the key benefits?
  • Equipment safety ensured, especially regarding users
  • Potential risks assessed, appropriate precautionary measures determined
  • Numerous complex requirements complied with Independent advice and support given by knowledgeable technical experts in all critical areas
  • Assistance in planning renewal of equipment
  • Benefit from experts who are aware of the latest technology and equipment
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  • In addition to Lifting Equipment Inspection, SIEVERT offers a wide range of In-Service Verification services.
  • Other mandatory inspections (lifts, pressure vessels, electricity, fire fighting systems)
  • Training
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