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HSE Policy

Oil & Gas Industries
We are committed to,
  • To provide a Healthy and Safe place of work for ALL EMPLOYEES & all people.
  • To Protect the Environment and all Natural resources.
  • To abide by all Federal, State and Local Regulations pertaining to the General Industry and Construction Standards, and specific Guidelines of the Clients.
  • To prevent Accidents, as “Accidents don’t happen but are caused” and are therefore preventable.
  • To apply good sense of Safe working & adopt Safe practices as directed by locations, conditions and circumstances to all jobs.
  • To prevent injury and ill health & to protect employees in Occupational Health & Safety measures, and to assure continual improvement in Occupational Health & Safety management system & its performance.
  • Each and Every Employee is equally responsible in Managing Health, Safety & Environment Protection.

Sudhakar R Rao
Managing Director
Date: 01-July-2013

Sievert Group of Companies