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Remaining life Assessment

Oil & Gas Industries

The Objective

When undertaking a construction project, you need to ensure that it can provide the required service life. For example, most civil construction projects must provide a service life of at least 50 years. Whereas infrastructure construction projects, such as tunnels and bridges, must offer a service life of up to 200 years.

The Solution

Service life prediction from SIEVERT Industrial Services ensures that the client's project can perform its primary function within the required lifespan, while ensuring acceptable maintenance costs.

SIEVERT Service Life Prediction Services can help to:
  • Achieve the required service life
  • Make the right decisions during design and execution to ensure that the project can perform its primary function during its lifespan
  • Avoid premature failures and their costs
  • Predict the maintenance cost of the structure throughout its lifespan
Service Life Prediction Services
Our Service Life Prediction Services include:
  • Durability tests on materials
  • Modelling service life
  • Risk assessment
  • Selection of materials
  • Service life prediction
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