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Radiation Safety Consultancy

Oil & Gas Industries

SIEVERT is a company dedicated to providing multifarious services including comprehensive Radiation Safety Management & Consultancy. This service includes programs such as preparation of safety assessment reports, development of radiation protection programmes and standard operating procedures, conducting radiation safety trainings and performing radiation safety audits to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

Sievert is supported by highly skilled radiation safety experts with more than three decades of experience in radiation safety, having worked for the Department of Atomic Energy & the regulatory body. We provide 24 hour service - willing to provide our expertise in solving the problems related to radiation safety management. Our services include developing radiation safety and protection programs, customized training, radiation safety and quality audits, and preparation of radiation and industrial safety procedures, and extending support to handling radiation emergencies.

Auditing of Radiation Safety Program

SIEVERT provides on-site assessment of existing programs and the following support services:

  • Review oversight of the radiation safety program (e.g. RSO qualifications, Radiation Safety Committee, etc.)
  • Leak testing and physical inventory of sealed sources
  • Location(s) of use of radioactive materials
  • Review occupational and public dose (e.g. dosimetry, monitoring records, bioassay records, engineering controls, ALARA, pregnancy declarations)
  • Review operating and emergency procedures to ensure consistency with current regulatory requirements
  • Surveys of use/storage/preparation / exposure areas - including proper area postings, warning signs, and labels
  • Observation of work and maintenance practices
  • Provide corrective actions
  • Radiation Safety Consulting
  • Radiation Emergency operations.
Customized Radiation Training Programmes

Customised training programmes on the following modules in any combination are offered:

  • General Radiation Safety Training
  • Radiation Safety Officer Training
  • Basic Principles of Radiation Protection
  • Radiation Risks and Effects
  • Radiation protection regulation and operational limits
  • Designing the layout of radiation installations and computation of shielding
  • Proper Use of Survey Meters
  • Methods of radiation hazard evaluation and control
  • Radioactive Spills and Decontamination
  • Safe transport of radioactive material and IAEA Regulations
  • Safe disposal of radioactive waste
  • Proper Documentation and Record Keeping
  • Radiation Safety Program Audits
Radiation Safety Program Support
  • Development of radiation safety program
  • Staff training and human resource development
  • Preparation and maintenance of radiation safety procedures
  • Preparation and maintenance of emergency response plans
  • Design of radiation installations and exposure facilities.
  • Shielding calculations
Health Physics Technical Support
  • Root cause analysis, fault tree analysis and Probabilistic Safety Analysis
  • Dose reconstructions
  • Dosimetry calculations
  • Develop RESRAD models
  • Microshield modeling for shielding and dose assessment calculation
  • Environmental reports
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