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Inservice Inspection

Oil & Gas Industries

Many assets such as production facilities, refineries, petrochemical and power plants must be regularly closed down or taken out of service for planned maintenance operations. Such shutdowns and turnarounds require specialist competencies to minimize downtime while covering all maintenance and repair tasks and still meeting all regulatory requirements.

SIEVERT has implemented a combination of high-end specialized consultancy with traditional inspection and testing services to assist clients in managing shutdowns and turnarounds as well as routine maintenance.

  1. 1. Conventional Non-Destructive Testing Methods
    • Visual Inspection (VI)
    • Dye/Liquid Penetrant Examination (PT)
    • Magnetic Particle Testing (MP)
    • Ultrasonic Testing (UT)
    • Radiographic Testing (RT)
    • Positive Material Identification (PMI)
  2. 2. Advanced Non-Destructive Testing Methods
    • Long-Range Ultrasonic Testing (LRUT)
    • Remote Ultrasonic Testing
    • Time of Flight Diffraction (ToFD)
    • Corroscan/C-scan
    • Infrared Thermography
    • Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL)
    • IRIS Testing
    • Acoustic Emission Testing
    • Leak Testing of LNG Carrier Tanks
    • Digital/Computed Radiography
    • Hot Hydrogen Attack
    • Heat Exchanger Life Assessment System
    • Flange Special Ultrasonic Testing
    • Phased Array
  3. 3. Industrial Rope Access
  4. 4. Inspection and Technical Assistance during Turnarounds
  5. 5. Pipeline Integrity Management
  6. 6. Risk Based Inspection
  7. 7. Remaining Life Assessment (Service Life Prediction)
  8. 8. Storage Tank Inspection, Audit and Calibration
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