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27 Glorious Years

"Every journey starts with a simple idea......A Dream"

Sievert celebrates 27 Glorious Years as the leader in Non Destructive Testing services.


In 1986 Sievert started its operations with a set-up that carried out Gamma Radiography work, in and around Mumbai, India. In a span of just two & a half decades Sievert has become the leader in providing NDT services to Cross - Country Pipelines and Petrochemical Projects across six different Nations.


Sievert began its path-breaking journey with a noble mission "To provide the most cost effective, high quality & efficient NDT services to customers in Oil and Gas, Power, Petro-Chemicals and other industry sectors and also to provide the best technology and quality in NDT". It is with true Grit, Determination & Commitment to quality that Sievert has achieved milestone after milestone through these two and a half decades to make it the largest NDT player.


Sievert started its proceedings with one single operational unit in India with a small team and now it has a homogenous work force of over a thousand trained NDT personnel working on projects spanning various countries of the world.

Sievert's Journey hasn't been an easy one; The 27 year long journey has been all about challenges faced, hurdles crossed, hardships endured, knowledge attained, experience gained, goodwill earned & Quality NDT services delivered. Sievert has achieved milestone after milestone through the 27 years to become the market leader. The company boasts of an armory of 500 conventional and advanced hi-tech testing equipments. The company has spread its operations from India has to flourishing subsidiaries established in Oman, Qatar & Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Kuwait, Iraq and Africa.

Sievert's stringent quality services are delivered through sincere efforts, intelligent direction & skillful execution. In the last 27 years Sievert has successfully completed numerous testing projects across Asia-Pacific including projects in Sudan, Iran, Bangladesh & Cyprus.


Vast Experience Earned

Sievert has gained strength, courage & confidence with every single project being accomplished. It has constantly utilized the vast experience & learning gained from these accomplished assignments to deliver quality NDT services to all its clients. Sievert has the rich experience of working on Offshore Platforms and Offshore Barges for NDT of Subsea Pipelines, Risers etc.


An Efficient Team Built

Sievert has always believed in giving credit for its success to its highly dedicated & skilled personnel who work tirelessly night & day, to achieve the company's goals. Since its inception, Sievert has ensured that its NDT team is always highly motivated, trained & groomed to deliver the best in the field of NDT services. Its team is enriched by the presence of youth and exuberance at its best, mixed with wise and proven experience.

Sievert also has the privilege to be the front runner in providing training to its personnel in advanced techniques and equipments on a regular basis.

Sievert has been instrumental in providing Indian youth an opportunity to start career in NDT. It has contributed immensely in introducing & training its employees with the latest technologies in NDT.

The team is capable to face any kind of challenge arising out of service requirements of clients and technology. Over the past 27 years Sievert's personnel have mastered the art of working as a team both internally as well as in tandem with the clients to deliver excellence.

Sievert has been highly instrumental in putting India on the world map by providing revolutionary NDT services to different parts of the world. It has also provided Indian engineers an opportunity to work abroad and widen their horizons.

Power of Technology Harnessed

Sievert has most willingly accepted and adopted to changes in technological advancement and constantly kept itself updated with the modern day techniques to provide cutting edge advanced NDT services like AUT (Automated Ultrasonic Testing) Phased Array and TOFD Ultrasonic's, LRUT (Long Range Ultrasonic testing), ECT (Eddy Current Testing), MFL (Magnetic Flex Leakage Testing), RFT (Remote Field Testing) & Videoscopic Inspection, Thermal Infrared Test, Acoustic Emission, Alternating Current Field Measurement, Conformable Eddy Current Array, Corrosion Under Pipe Support, Creeping Head-Wave Inspection Method, Insulated Component TEST, LRUT.

It also provides Digital & Computed Radiography as part of advanced NDT services. The Sievert Advanced NDT division has witnessed a remarkable growth by acquiring latest technology in every NDT technique and using the most cutting edge and state of the art equipments available in the world.

Global Reach

Sievert has successfully managed to foresee the requirements in the NDT Industry. It has seeded its NDT wing to facilitate many industries in different parts of the world. It has a huge presence in India and globally.

Sievert has the largest resource base of NDT Equipments and Skilled professional Manpower. It has already successfully completed NDT contracts for the largest LNG Plants, Refineries and other downstream units and over 125 Pipeline projects, close to 30000 kms.


Always Accomplishing

Sievert has proficiently & successfully completed NDT contracts for the largest LNG Plants, Refineries and other downstream units and over 125 Pipeline projects, close to 30000 kms. To achieve great things, Sievert not only plans but also believes in its capability to reach greater heights.


Sieverts efforts for providing quality services have received widespread recognition through awards & certifications from various authorities in different countries.

A Vision Realized

Sievert has realized its vision of being the most professional, committed, growth oriented and reliable service provider in the field of NON DESTRUCTIVE TESTING and INSPECTION. It has always pursued excellence as a culture and provided cost effective services to customers in oil and gas, power, petro-chemicals and other industry sectors.

Celebrating 27 glorious years of success & empowerment.

Turning Vision into Reality!

AT SIEVERT. We Excel. We Achieve.